Update AdWords Editor, Create Expanded Ads

google adwords editor

Google does not normally announce updates to its AdWords Editor, the desktop tool that can manage your multiple AdWords campaigns with ease. Then again, this isn’t a normal summer.

Atria wrote last month about the expanded ads revolution that was coming. Well, it’s here, and now you can use longer headlines and description lines in your campaigns. This change is so massive that Google did announce its latest AdWords Editor update (version 11.5) which includes support for your longer ads.

First Things First: Update

If you haven’t done so already, update your existing Editor installation. You have probably seen prompts when you start the application. Take a few minutes out of your day today and allow Editor to complete its update. You will gain a number of features that can streamline how you work.

Find New Editor Features

First, like we’ve said, you will gain support for expanded ads. This is something you don’t want to miss because it bumps your headline character count to two 30-character segments and your description to a single 80-character line. These longer ads will be able to run alongside the previous version for a while, but Google won’t support them forever. Do yourself a favor and make the switch now.

You will also find updated search features, the ability to create and edit structured snippet extensions, editing support of ads for mobile Android apps, and the power to change multiple accounts simultaneously.

Complete A/B Tests

Your new-found power in Editor can be put to good use with the longer ads. Marketing Land commented that Google’s expectation for marketers is that they will compare shorter ads to longer ads through A/B tests. What Google wants is for you to keep your short ads – the ones you already have in play – and split your time between those and new, comparable longer ads.

The shorter versions will act as they always have while the new ones may perform better or worse. Once you find a longer ad that works better over several weeks than its shorter counterpart, it may be time to ditch the shorter version. Editor can take care of all these tasks easily to make sure your budget is split adequately between the tested campaigns and to show you which keywords and phrases perform best in your new creations.

For all other help, you can turn to Atria for an initial consultation, which can lead to assistance with everything from campaign creation to account management.