Why Use WordPress to Improve Local SEO Results

WordPress is the leader within the internet marketing industry as the best content management system for websites available. According to BuiltWith.com, over 40% of websites online are being handled by a WordPress CMS. With so many websites being managed on this CMS, there must be a reason why they are choosing WordPress? There are many valid reasons to choose WordPress, and for those looking to improve their local SEO results, WordPress is the way to go. Whether you plan to build your website from scratch, or rebrand your current website, here is why you should choose WordPress SEO for local business.


Layers of Content

WordPress enables you to apply many layers of content to your website no matter if you are custom coding or using a template. Each layer contains content such as ALT tags, Meta tags, Meta titles. If you are work to put information into all of these areas, search engines have more information to crawl for your business. Be sure to load your content with area-specific information so search engines know that you are associated with your industry in your town, city or region.



Search Engines love taxonomies. Taxonomies help organize information into relevant search queries for search engines and connect specific information to other relevant searches. For example, you can have a category for internet marketing, but a taxonomy relates other content such as search engine marketing, social media marketing, and lead generation to the taxonomy of internet marketing because these help comprise internet marketing. WordPress has built in taxonomy features that you can use to create ideal organization for your business. A great example is if your business conducts services throughout a state, but you may offer different types of services in certain areas. You will be able to help your local SEO through taxonomy.


Easy Plugins

The most popular reason why WordPress is used for any business is the ease of its functionality. WordPress is flexible in the sense that its basic setup can be so easy to use that a first-timer can create a website with ease, yet international companies that sell online also use WordPress. WordPress utilities plugins for its content management system which makes things that would usually have to be hard coded into a site very easy to find and execute for the novice. A perfect example of this is SEO Yoast. This plugin enables you to easily change and enter Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions to individual pages without any technical knowledge of how to change these. You can then focus your meta information to include local keywords that allows search engines to know, “Hey, they need to be a part of this area’s search!”.

These are just a few reasons why WordPress is so popular with those building websites and trying to improve their SEO. Ready to boost your local SEO? Atria is the leader in local and national SEO management. Learn more today!