Why Choose WordPress Sites for SEO Success

Building a website is a big decision that is the foundation of your online success. Without a strong website, everything else you attempt or execute to improve presence and conversions will likely backfire. Choosing a content management system (CMS) that can enable your business to create a user-friendly website, while attracting and converting website visitors is a must in today’s competitive markets. Not only does WordPress enable you to choose from custom and effective templated designs, but starting your foundation with WordPress gives you the SEO boos that other competitors would not have. Here are some of the great benefits of choosing a WordPress website to boost SEO.


WordPress Itself is SEO Friendly

When creating a WordPress website, the foundations of better SEO practices are already built into the design. WordPress is structured to put website pages and blog posts into categories and registries that are built into the internal algorithm. Hardcoded and other CMS site platforms do not always include this structure which has been recommended and is preferred by Google and other search engines.


WordPress Pages are Linked to WordPress Power

Pages that are posted using WordPress are actually linked to WordPress.com, one of the largest websites on the internet. This means that your website has linkbacks to this company which can be beneficial to your SEO value from the start.


Ability to Manage SEO Easily

WordPress is built for those looking to easily maintain a website without many of the hardcoding headaches of the past. WordPress and other affiliates have created search engine optimization plugins for WordPress that make it easy to update meta tags, meta descriptions, keywords, hierarchies, categories and more. These plugins essentially take what would have been hours of work in the past and shorten it into a five minute plugin download. This also enables you to take specific pages and target for different SEO purposes along the way as well.


Easy for All to Use, But Strong Enough for Marketers

The beauty of WordPress is a multitude of users can effectively create and maintain websites using this platform. This is perfect for businesses wanting to attain assistance with local SEO & PPC campaigns, but wish to make updates, create content, and more on their own as well.


These are just a few reasons why WordPress sites are preferred by many businesses and marketers alike. Ready to start your website’s SEO journey to success Contact Atria today and boost your local SEO & PPC campaigns!