Why Facebook Ads are Beneficial for Businesses


Social media continues to be a growing part of daily life for nearly every person on the planet. The largest numbers ever are reporting using social media for purchasing decisions and use these networks to research products and services. This means if your business is not putting the effort forward to have a strong presence in specific social media outlets,  revenue is likely being left of the table.

Which social media network works best depends upon your specific business, but it is a general rule of thumb that Facebook is the leader in social media reach. Having a strong presence on Facebook is critical; luckily, there are ways to tip the game into your favor. Facebook Ads are becoming more sophisticated and providing some of the best return on investments especially when Facebook ads are linked with Google Ads. Learn why your business should consider using Facebook Ads.


Target Your Buyer Persona

A buyer persona is a visualization of what your customer is like. This includes focuses such as the buyer’s sex, income, employment, family orientation and any other factor that can affect your buyer when in the decision-making process. Understanding your buyer’s pain points and questions can help your business easily nurture leads into buyers and hook visitors from the first contact. Facebook Ads enable your business to set parameters within the ads to search out Facebook users that meet some of the criteria of your buyer persona and reach these users with your content. If the potential buyer feels that you offer something they need, alleviate a pain point or answer questions they may they are likely to click on your ad and visit your company website to learn more about your product or service.


Reach Multiple Buyer Personas

In the past, Facebook Ads only allowed you to reach one persona with ads. This was known as Facebook “OR” marketing. Your business could reach persona A or persona B, not A and B with the same ads. Facebook has recently changed its ad algorithm and you are now able to reach multiple personas with the same batch of ads, without missing potential site visitors.


Combine Facebook Ads with Google Adwords

Use the power of Facebook Ads and Google Adwords together. Facebook is able to work with Google to follow cookies from Google users to place the most effective ads for each user by analyzing their searches. You may have noticed yourself that you searched for a “Coleman Pop-Up Tent” on Google, received ads on other searches via Google and finally visited Facebook and saw similar ads again. This sharing of the algorithm is known as Facebook retargeting and is one of the most popular and most effective ways to convert potential customers into sales.

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