Why Keyword Research is Critical to SEO & PPC

seo-ppc-rulesBrand presence in search engines is becoming absolutely vital to business success. As our society pushes towards a more online-centric lifestyle, putting serious effort into online success is now essentially a given. Businesses are now putting extreme focus into keyword research for their companies. Why are these keywords so important? Learn why your business must focus on keyword research for SEO & PPC or be left in the dust.


The Heart of Search Engine Algorithms

Keywords are the lifeforce of search engines. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. use keywords found within the content and backend of your website to determine what each page is about and how relevant your content is to each particular search query. Having keywords, and now long-tail keywords, that focus on searches your target customer are likely to be using is essential to driving the right person to your website. Learning how to use keywords to shape your SEO and PPC strategies can boost your site to average to superb.


Bad Keyword Return

If you are not researching to see if the content of your website is driving the right visitors to your site, you are likely losing major revenue. For example, if you run a bakery known for its amazing cupcakes, but your website talks about cookies you hope will become a product, it is likely you will drive more sales to your bakery because users don’t know to search for cookies. Putting effort into your cookie keywords at the moment would have a bad return, but putting effort into cupcake keyword research can drive more sales into the store where they can then learn more about your cookies.


Improve Sales with PPC

If your organic search queries are strong with a staple product, adding a PPC-centric campaign to this product would be extremely helpful as well. Search engines and consumers already see your products and information as relevant. Using keyword research to improve your PPC campaign can help drive new traffic to your site using already reputable pages linked to your organic search.


Collaborate Your SEO & PPC Teams

Although many marketer see these two strategies as separate components, these two actually work hand and hand. If you have one team working on your company’s SEO & PPC they can use their keyword research to see how strategies are reflecting on both sides, improving both at the same time. Ready to start your SEO & PPC keyword research strategy? Atria is the leader in local and national SEO & PPC campaigns for any size business? Learn more today!