Why Integrating WordPress Can Assist in SEO Success

Recently, Google has increasingly invested in working with developers that have extensive experience with the WordPress CMS system to improve the online environment for users viewing WordPress websites.  This group is far from a small number: almost 59% or ⅓ of all websites online are back with WordPress (Including Atria). Due to this growing number, Google is putting manpower and research into how they can improve the online interaction between the algorithms in place and WordPress websites. The key to most of this has to do with speed: Speed is becoming one of the determining factors in SEO.

For the last 8 years, Google has worked to improve the speed of results and provide the quickest responding websites with solid content. This began with mobile-first indexing and has moved into the AMP Project. Google is now working alongside WordPress to improve the speed of services provided within the CMS to make SEO a bit easier for users going forward.

Source: Alberto Medina – WordCamp US 2017 Presentation


Another article from Progressive Web Apps also mentions,

“Our WordPress vision covers a lot of exciting work across the full breadth of the WordPress ecosystem: collaborating on WP core, developing themes, plugins, and WP-tailored tools and infrastructure, and engaging with the broader WordPress community of publishers.”


What Does this Mean for Your Website?

Simply put, using WordPress will likely give you an edge when creating your SEO strategies in the future. WordPress will be able to provide the highest optimized plugins on the market that will reduce your management time and cause less issues with page speed as well as rendering. This could truly be the tipping point for CMS products going forward. Stay Tuned!